Best electronic mouse trap on the market

What is the best electric mouse trap in the market in 2019 today? This is the first question that closes our mind once we see a rodent running in the house to an unreachable place. Here are some of the best electric traps that you can try today and clear these irritating pests from our house.

1.Rat Zapper Classic

This is one of the best electric rat trap in the market but a bit expensive. It is a trap powered by four AA batteries which will last these for 60 days. This trap is effective an will enable you to get rid of the entire population of the rodents in your home with just one set of batteries. The trap results are seen during the first day you place it.


  • Chemical free
  • Very powerful
  • No View disposal

2. Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor is one of trusted and known electric mouse trap makers in the market in 2019. The company manufacture traps that can kill 100 mice in one charge of 4 AA batteries. These traps are preferred by many customers as there are no chemicals used, so they are non-toxic.

3. Hoont Robust

The Hoont Company also offers an electric mouse trap that is different from other above as it comes with two-piece that requires modest assembly. You will install a large metal plate on the entire floor, and once a mouse and rats get into contact, they are killed instantly. This trap is powered by two power source the ac adapter or AA batteries and is one of the powerful giving users a safe and secure way to dispose of rodents.

4. Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper

This has made its list of among the best electric traps we can shop around because it uses an infrared sensor which activates the voltage when a rat is detected inside this powerful trap. The trap is also heavy making it possible to hold big mice. The manufacturers have gone further whereas a user you can buy a monitor that will alert you once there is a mouse trapped to avoid checking the trap from time to time.

5. Bayer 10069 Maxforce FC

This is the only electric mouse trap that is waterproof and may be placed outside the once to catch the mice and rodent before they make their way to your house. There is an automatic circuit disconnect to prevent you from accidental shocks like when cleaning this trap.