Bonding Activities

Having a happy family is an important factor in a person’s life. Friends may come and go. Lovers might break up but at the end of the day your family would always there to support you. They are part of you as you share the same blood. A person’s childhood was made up of precious moments with your family.  You might have experienced lots of bonding activities as you grow like picnic, trip in the zoo, fishing, skiing, and playing tennis, swimming in the beach, going to church or even just tending the garden with your mother.

These activities have cultivated your relationship with your family; however, with the advent of digital and technological advancement we foresee a great change. Children nowadays would direct all their attention to their Gadgets, smartphones, video games or the internet. It’s not that this advancement is not good at all but excessive use of it can cause great trouble. Kids become unhealthy because they don’t play outside and do some physical activities. Some children at young age already have ruined their eyesight because of excessive radiation coming from computer. More importantly, it may create a gap between kids and parents as the bonding moments are gone. It is not too late though. You could still create those perfect moments by engaging to some outdoor activities. The best option would be fishing. It is challenging yet fun to do with your children.

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Today, parents and children don’t have time for each other. However, especially to the parents, it is important to find time and spend it lovingly to your children. All material things such as toys or gadgets may be joy to your children. However, it is just temporary. The things that really stay in the hearts and minds of the kids are those precious moments you spend with them. You could start by fishing as a bonding moment. It is the only thing they could keep forever.