Cooking Quinoa – A Versatile Health Food

How often have you read in the newspapers or seen in the news about the global problem of obesity that plagues even young children? You’ll probably say too often, and that’s not really surprising considering how people’s lives have gotten more sedentary. Before, a 9-5 job can be blamed for a person’s inactive lifestyle. However, these days, addiction to smartphones has made people of different ages become couch potatoes.

Fortunately, combined efforts of schools, governments, and various other entities have made it possible for people with weight problems to become more conscious of their health and body. Thus, it can now be said that today is a generation of calorie counting that works well for weight and health conscious people. This is also an age when good nutritious foods with low calories are sought for like no other. The rediscovery of quinoa as an ample substitute for rice is bliss and cooking quinoa is pure pleasure as it provides nutritional needs in an innovative and delectable manner.

Quinoa is recognized as a health food that packs in many vital nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, magnesium and many others. The fact that it contains less calories and fats, plus being a filling food make quinoa an ideal fare for dieters and diabetics. These days, cooking quinoa is becoming an interest as its versatility is tried, tested and stretched. Cooking quinoa in an appetite-stimulating and eye-catching manner elevates it to not just a mere health food for those who need it but a favorite, comfort food that grows with time.

How is quinoa cooked? Quinoa may be soaked for at least 5 minutes first in order to release saponin that may be a found in the seeds. It is cooked like rice that is: one cup of quinoa for every one and a half cup of water. Hence, you can use a rice cooker to cook it. The result is a light, fluffy meal substitute for rice or an ingredient that can be mixed with other ingredients for a variety of dishes. The cooked quinoa has a slight, nutty flavor that can stand unseasoned if eaten as a rice substitute. It may also be seasoned with whatever flavor you may want to infuse it with. With milk, it can be served like a cereal for breakfast.

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Quinoa may be made as an ingredient of a vegetable salad. It can also be turned into patties with some additional ingredients and cooked like a meatball or burger. Quinoa is also appetizing when served with sauces, stir-fried veggies, tasteful bean dishes, tofu and many other favorite dishes. Cooking quinoa is not at all difficult as it can be mixed in almost every food and eaten from breakfast to dinner in a variety of dishes. With just a little imagination and firmness in decision to eat more nutritious foods, the desired weight and healthy body are very much attainable with quinoa.