Criteria to Follow When Looking for a Bed for Toddlers

Now that your child is transitioning from the crib to a bed, it is important to know the correct bed for their safety and comfort. Here are some pointers to help you find the best bed for toddlers. 

It is the nature of toddlers to be boisterous. Their little body contains a lot of energy that often exhausts adults and at times puts them in danger’s way. If your toddler is too active even at night, experts advise choosing the best toddler bed following these pointers.

Criteria for Toddler Beds

You’ll find a myriad of toddler beds in the market. These options differ in size, style, level of comfort, and safety. Some even have unique designs that cater to the appeal of toddlers. But which among these options is the perfect one for your child?

If you don’t know where to begin, below are the criteria useful for searching for the best bed for toddlers.

1. Lower Toddler Beds

Toddlers are quite active even at night before bedtime. And when they sleep, they might fall off from bed. 

Experts recommend parents pick a bed with the correct height suitable for toddlers. The bed should be appropriate for the child’s height. According to the American Academy of , 89 cm (35 inches) tall is the ideal height to transition toddlers from cribs to bed. The bed should be lower than the floor. Toddler beds that are too tall are too dangerous. There’s a risk of falling and injuries. Moreover, lower beds are easier and safer for toddlers to climb up in and out of. 

2. Safety Railings

The child’s safety is a priority. The railings are the bed’s safety measures. It guarantees the child won’t fall off the bed and risk injuries. Thus, parents should only choose toddler beds with this feature and steer away from options with minimal to zero safety measures. 

3. Firm Mattress for Toddlers

Professionals suggest firm mattresses for toddlers. Mattresses that are too soft will conform to a child’s face and smother them in sleep. Moreover, it has poor support that is significant for toddlers since they have more delicate bodies. 
The best mattress for toddlers is firm with an indentation scale of 36 and above. Such options are firm enough to provide stable support for the child when sleeping.

4. Innerspring Beds

Innerspring beds are the best choice for toddlers. This type of mattress can provide skeletal support and conformance to the body. It is comfortable yet firm enough to give stability and body support to the child. Hence, it is safer and healthier compared to pure foam mattresses that are too fluffy and unstable.

5. Durability

Consider the bed’s durability. Choose one made of premium materials. If you prefer wooden toddler beds, options that are constructed from hardwood are worth spending. They have a long lifespan and you can assure the bed’s durability. For other types of materials, make sure that the bed has strong support and stability that it can withstand the child’s movement.

6. Be Practical

While toddler beds with luxurious designs, toys, and other extras are fun, parents should be practical first. Disregard the extras and put your child’s safety and comfort a priority. If you have an extra budget, you can go for bed add-ons.