Hand blender or tabletop blender

For one to have the best results, it is vital to use the right kind of blender in blending your smoothies or making baby food, making the small sauce at your home or even puree. The type of job that you want to do will determine whether you will use a hand blender or tabletop blender.

Here are the questions that you need to address when choosing between Hand blender and tabletop blender

1. Party of one?

The quantities in question are what will help you on this, are your making food for one person or is it in large batches. If you are making puree or smoothie for one person, then it will be good to use the hand blender, but a tabletop blender will be useful when you want to make large quantities of food, say for a party or so.

2. The menu

Tabletop blenders are high performing machines that will be in a position to blend hard tough ingredients like a nut, frozen fruits, and hearty greens.

3. The texture you want to achieve

What texture do you want your blended mixture to have? If you use hand blender you won’t be able to make the fine texture for your smoothies; the hand blender will not allow you to have the speed you want to achieve that smoothness, unlike the tabletop blender. The hand blender highly depends on you to do the task, unlike the traditional table top that is automatic.

Room for more

The space that is available in your kitchen will also determine if you will have a hand blender or the tabletop blender. The area is another factor that is of much concern nowadays in buying your kitchen appliances, with the improvement in technology we have many things to keep in our kitchen room for various work, so if you have enough space, you will go for tabletop blender. For others, they would wish to have both in relation to the different jobs that are done by each.