The Basics of Bathing Your Pet Cat

Cats are known to be one of the few animals that want to stay clean and that they require no assistance when they bathe themselves. They learn to stay clean at their younger years. Cat owners don’t need to give them a bath, as cats are adept at doing this on their own. In fact, cats are probably the only type of pet that can be “taught” to do its “thing” in a litter box. All a cat owner has to be concerned about is cleaning the litter box. Nevertheless, if you use the ultimate stainless steel cat xl litter box, then cleaning it will not be so hard given how easy it is to clean anything made of stainless steel. Unlike a wooden litter box that cay “keep” the smell of your cat’s waste, the scent doesn’t quite cling to a stainless steel litter box.

Just because cats are adept at bathing itself, this does not mean that they aren’t prone to skin allergies and flea infestation if they bathe themselves, because they still are. Bathing your pet cat is the best way to show your love for him or her. Here are some of the things that you will need to remember if you plan on bathing your pet cat.

Pet cats can be bathed on a baby tub or tub specially made for bathing cats. Just remember to provide a bathing area that is small and enclosed for her. You’ll also need other stuff such as a brush, towel, cup and shampoo. Take note that you have to be careful with the shampoo and soap that you will sue on your pet cat. However, you have to be careful about the soap and shampoo you will use; they must be made of hypoallergenic components. You have to research on these products. In addition, be careful with the brush that you use on them so as not to damage their fur.

Prepare lukewarm water for your cat. Cats do not like very hot nor very cold water. This is because of the reason that they do not like very hot or cold water. Fill the sink or the tub with the lukewarm water and place a towel on the surface of sink so the cat does not slip. Allow the cat to enter the sink with a little support. Some cats do not struggle and when they are placed on the water, while others may act wild. The cat will be calm if you keep her close to you when she is taking bath. Never hold them tightly as they may try to fight their way out of the water.

Once you’ve got your pet cat into the water, you must start bathing them from the head and slowly going down their torso and legs. Make sure that the soap and shampoo does not enter into the cat’s eyes, this could irritate her. If there are any fleas, you have to remove each of them and reach out to areas of the cat’s body to clean them.