The Kitchen Blender

It is one of the most essential appliances in a home. It can blend a variety of foods in the kitchen. It is used by most people in their homes. It is liked for having the right accessories used in your home. It can chop and process food in the kitchen saving you a lot of time.

Basic functions of the kitchen blender

Read your manual to understand the function of your blender. This confirms to you if it can crush freeze cubes or it can only blend cooked foods, soft raw fruits and vegetables. Using the right blender for its functions saves you a lot.

Use a pulse setting if you are unsure of its uses. It is sufficient and appropriate for a lot of blending tasks. They are designed for a multi task function of crushing the ice, cooked foods, vegetables and even raw fruits.

They are designed with a stainless steel blade with an extended function of processing foods. They too have chopping accessories with a high power energy making them efficient for use. They have a high price range that meets your expectations.

How to use your kitchen blender

When you want to use your blender always place the liquid ingredients first. Follow it up with the rest of the ingredients cut in small portions. This will enable your food to circulate evenly around the blade for an evenly cut.

Ensure a room for expansion in your blender for an ease process. For hot liquids, blend them carefully starting on a low speed. This happens if your model allows for such temperatures. Leave the cap off for steam to evaporate and allow that room for expansion.

The best foods to blend

These are soft and fast foods that will require less energy while blending. You will like blending them with ease and take a little amount of time. You can blend cooked foods, concentrated juices, instant puddings, salad dressing, crush ice, blend frozen beverages and ice cream shakes.

Foods to avoid with your kitchen blender

This type of foods can spoil your blender if go ahead to blend them. Foods like extracting juice from the vegetables and fruits. You can use if the blender has an extraction setting. Avoid mashing potatoes with your blender, grinding of raw meat and blending the hard vegetables.

Keeping your kitchen blender clean after use

Some blenders can clean themselves after use by adding warm water and a dish detergent. You still need to clean it thoroughly between the blending batches. It is quick and easy to wash after using it immediately. Rinse it thoroughly to remove the soapy effects.

Once the cleaning is over, disassemble the jar and the blades for a careful clean up. Avoid immersing the body blender unit in water. It may fail to function again but you can wipe the exterior surface and spills on the base area.  Use a damp clothing to do the wiping then you can unplug your appliance.


The kitchen blender is the best to buy for home use. It functions well in blending a variety of things using a manual to guide you. You can use this to purchase your kitchen blend. Follow well the instructions given so that you can know how to use it and to also last long.