Top Features of Weber Genesis E 410 that you’ll Definitely Love

Are you looking for the right gas grill?

If you are tired of using your old grilling machine, you should start considering buying a more modern, efficient, and a gas grill created to feed everyone – just like the Weber Genesis E 410. There are a lot of things to love about the E 410; so, if you want to change your old fashioned grilling machine, you should choose the best.

What’s in Weber Genesis E 410?

The Weber is one of the best companies in the market today; they have invented and innovated numbers of grilling machines and that includes the gas grill. If you want to know more about Genesis II E-410, it is best to know something about its product specifications.

Product specifications:

•    Dimension (H x W x D in inches): 62” x 65” x 31”
•    Primary cooking: 646 square inches
•    Tuck-away warming rack: 198 square inches
•    Total cooking area: 844 square inches
•    4 total steel burners with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron grates
•    2 stainless steel side tables
•    2 swivel locking casters
•    2 double all-weather wheels
•    6 tool hooks
•    Built-in enameled lid
•    Manufactured with stainless steel heat deflector

Why You Should Invest in Weber Genesis E 410?

There are a lot of good reasons why you should trust and invest in Weber Genesis E 410 – this Weber Genesis II review should help – and to top it all, here are its top features that are fascinating:

1. It is massive, made to feed everyone

Everyone loves to host a simple barbeque party with close friends or family; what makes the Weber Genesis E 410 very special is its size, which can help you grill for almost everyone without limitations. With its dimension of 62” x 65” x 31” and primary cooking size of 646 square inches, it sure can accommodate 6 to 8 or more food to grill.

2. Equipped with infinity ignition

Weber Genesis E 410 is one of those Weber gas grills that is designed with infinity ignition, which allows you to lit the gas grill all the time, every time.

3. Designed with a grease management system

Grilling can be messy sometimes, especially if your grilling machine does not have a grease management system as the Weber Genesis II E 410 has. The system helps funnel out the grease from the food you are grilling, directly to the removable drip tray for faster, easier, and effective cleaning.

4. The unique flavorizer bars

Although most of the Weber gas grills are equipped with flavorizer bars; this is still one of many favorites – if you know how Weber gas grills work – the flavorizer is built to:

  • Add extra flavor to the grilled food
    •    Minimize the flare-ups while grilling
    •    Help imbue the grilled food with unique and delicious smoky taste

5. The overall design

What makes the Weber Genesis II a great gas grill investment?

Its overall design; if you need the best, quality designed, and efficient gas grill, you should choose the Weber Genesis II E-410.